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W.C. Fields by Himself by Ronald J. Fiel

NON-Autographed Copy

NON-Autographed Copy

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Geoff Dale

"An excellent and enjoyable book of W.C.'s life and films written by his grandson."

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"Appropriately, the book is written in a breezy style that makes it enjoyable to read, and Fields includes a summary of key principles at the end of each chapter."

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"The sketches are a riot to read, and the extended sequences from the movies, even the ones you may not have seen, are side-splittingly funny."

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"Excellent insight into Field's personality when offstage. An essential volume for any true Fields aficionado."

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"This work was compiled by W.C.'s grandson after years that his work had been locked up in a basement room. The fact that much of it is made up of sketches, photo's, stories/annecdotes, performance materials, letters between W.C. and his family/others, makes this invaluable to theatre enthusiasts/historians and W.C. cultists. Without a doubt a must for any library."

Rocky J. Nickel


Emmy Award Winning PBS Documentary

Emmy Award for

“W.C. Fields - Straight Up”

1986 PBS Documentary

Ronald J. Fields - Emmy for W.C. Fields - Straight Up
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W.C. Fields | The Art of Offense | Docu-

A rare glimpse of

W.C. Fields (and others)

in color at the Oscars 1938

Ronald J. Fields


Ronald J. Fields, a critically acclaimed writer, motion picture Executive Producer, a playwright, New York Times Best Selling Author, a Primetime Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer and he is also the grandson of the legendary W. C. Fields.