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December 8, 2021:
"We have a fund raising fellow who feels very confident he can raise the money to mount the musical W.C. Fields for a Broadway run!"

Ronald J. Fields

June 16, 2021:
"Excited about two projects we will be announcing  soon!"

Ronald J. Fields

March 11. 2020:

"W.C. Fields Sauvignon Blanc Wine is here!"

Ronald J. Fields

August 7, 2018:

"A man can't choose his face, but he can always pick his nose."

Ronald J. Fields

March 15, 2018:

"Life's a funny thing.  You're lucky if you can get out of it alive."

Ronald J. Fields

January 18, 2018:

"I am enthused that there is great interest in what I call some of my best work. 

It's a period piece about a time in American History.

I will update as the news comes in."

Ronald J. Fields

Ronald J. Fields Writing

More information coming soon!

Ronald J. Fields Script Doctor
Ronald J. Fields


Ronald J. Fields, a critically acclaimed writer, motion picture Executive Producer, a playwright, New York Times Best Selling Author, a Primetime Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer and he is also the grandson of the legendary W. C. Fields.

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